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SHAMPOO LITE is a weightless, smoothing shampoo for fine/normal hair types that gently cleanses while adding softness and bounce. It smooths and polishes hair to prevent frizz.
Apply to damp hair. Lather, rinse and repeat if necessary. Follow with Silky Sexy Hair Conditioner LITE for fine/normal hair.
Silk Amino Acids/Hydrolyzed Silk  Rebuilds and strengthens hair while providing moisture.  Protects against heat damage and the environment.    
Hydrolyzed Soy Protein/Glycine  Strengthens and moisturizes the hair while giving heat and environmental protection.
Sericin Nano-Protein that strongly binds the Silk Protein to the hair’s cuticle for extra smoothing and shine
Cyclopentasiloxane Conditioning silicone, which gives excellent shine without extra weight. Gives sheen and luster.
Rice Amino Acids Smaller protein molecules better penetrate the hair. Smoothes the cuticle and hair shaft. Helps maintain moisture as well as increase shine and tensile strength while helping protect against heat damage.
Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Penetrates and conditions to moisturize and revitalize the hair.

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