Our Sexy Hair offices are located in Chatsworth, CA. This is where the inspiration begins. Where is takes hold, is behind the chair with the stylist. Sexy Hair is committed to stylists and the professional beauty industry and to delivering the best professional products available to the hairdresser. Our time and efforts are spent working to make it easier for you, the hairdresser to reach your greatest potential.

Sadly, diversion interferes with salon revenue and ultimately our relationship with you, the hairdresser. Sexy Hair is committed to keeping our product out of unauthorized retail outlets. To date, Sexy Hair’s diversion rate is down 19% over last year. With your help, we can make greater strides in reaching our goal of ending diversion more quickly. We need as many eyes and ears on the streets that we can get collecting codes found on the bottom of the diverted cans. If you see our product being sold at an unauthorized retail outlet, please tell us about it by filling out the form below. Together, we can make a difference because TEAMWORK is Sexy!

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